Corporate Events

Corporate Training Events

Corporate Training Events conducted by us see teams getting together and working together towards a common goal. Our training exercises are designed specifically to target the objective set by our clients to achieve maximum impact.
At this event, employees were treated to 4 hours of fun and learning through the corporate training activity facilitated by JkSpaEvents. They were provided with a set of supplies and they had to construct something efficient to reach the end goal.

Private Exhibition Events

Private Exhibition Events set up by us are high profile invitee only exhibitions with the objective of sales conversion and product demonstrations. Our Services include creation of the Tent Structure, set-up and logistics to final execution of the event.
This event for an auto-ancillary products company was conducted by us at 3 locations in different cities and included end-to-end management.

Private Property Display by JkSpaEvents

Private Property Displays help our clients from Real Estate to acquire buyers for new projects launched by them.We provide end-to-end services for the execution of such events.
Our services include Venue Booking and Consultation, Set-Up and Fabrication, Guest Management and Logistical Support.
This event saw high profile invitees coming for one on one meetings with sales representatives to understand details about a project recently launched.

Exhibition Stall Design and Fabrication

Exhibition Stall Design and Fabrication services by us include everything from design, elevation planning and fabrication of the booth. Effective space management and usage is key when designing exhibition spaces and our experience and expertise allows us to offer effective and impactful designs to our clients.
We set up this trade-show booth at an industry exhibition.
The idea behind the use of glass was to represent toughness and beauty on one platform which the clients products represent.